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Stigma Thrives in Silence

I spent nearly 10 years at CNN producing features and programs, as the Talent Coordinator for Larry King Live and the entire CNN Network as well as a CNN News Anchor. I navigated this high-powered, high-profile career all during some of the worst years of a debilitating depression that claimed my life for decades.

Known as Barbara Brunner on the air at CNN, I played out what most people with depression know and what I hope to teach the rest of us, that The Face of Depression is not what you may expect. Those with depression become expert actors in all parts of their lives. It’s less risky to hide depression than to talk about it or admit you have it.

Photo by Hatcher & Fell Photography

Photo by Hatcher & Fell Photography

Stop Losing Billions at Work

Understand the Signs of Mental Health Issues.

1 in 5 will suffer a mental health condition each year in the US.  The longer it’s ignored the harder it will be to recover and the longer it will take. 80% of those people treated, are treated successfully but did you know only 33% will ever seek treatment?

“ I only now have had the time to dive into your book and found it an absorbing, informative and humanizing personal narrative.  Thank you so much for sharing your story – both your struggles and challenges.  Your courage in so doing helps so many others of us who feel alone find the hope that is essential to recovery.
Paolo DelVecchio, Director
SAMHSA ( Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration )

“Schatzie has taken her life experience and turned it into a compelling story about how she has lived with depression.  Most importantly, she has described how she has addressed her illness of depression making the most positive choices she could in a way that allows her to be vibrant as she lives her life. The Face Of Depression is a profound inspiration for anyone struggling with depression”
Scott West, MD

“Schatzie demonstrates wonderful courage in sharing her lifelong battle with depression and the internal struggle caused by the stigma that society has placed on this disease. Her memoir is an inspirational resource that will help patients cope with managing the disease, motivate patients and their loved ones to pursue new treatment options, and educate society that mental health disorders can and should be treated no differently than other diseases.  This book is a powerful must-read for every family affected by mental illness.”
Chris Thatcher, CEO
Neurostar TMS Therapy

“Depression affects many aspects of a person’s life. The Face of Depression provides a candid view of the impact on work, relationships and much more. Individuals and families affected by mental illness can thank Schatzie Brunner for presenting the true nature of an illness that is still not fully understood.  She also provides guidance on the importance of support and sharing your story as part of the journey to mental health and recovery.”
Mary Giliberti, 
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)


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Former CNN anchor Schatzie Brunner: How She Found Wellness with NeuroStar

“When people become depressed there is no hope.  After the Treatments were over there was an accumulating sense of well being and that is something I have never experienced before. I was happy!  I felt well!”  Schatzie Brunner