I’ve started watching crime dramas on Netflix. The ones that continue to peak my interest are the British ones such as SHETLAND and HINTERLAND, both about detectives and complex crimes they solve.

What continues to strike me is that there are almost NO guns anywhere in these episodes. Even the detectives and police who accompany them don’t carry guns.

There’s violence and a lot of suspense, but all of it is created without guns and gore.

Of course I’ve engaged in discussions on gun control and the affect of violence throughout the American culture. But now that I’ve watched really suspenseful TV that doesn’t include guns, it is stunning to me just how much violence we watch every day. I don’t know definitively what effect guns have on our mental health, but they must have an influence, don’t they?

Finally, I’m left with the question of why the 2nd Amendment, which is lauded as necessary to protect ourselves, has to be in place. It isn’t  necessary in Britain and most other countries.

No wonder we’re all suffering from anxiety and depression.