Allergies and depressionWow, talk about allergy season!

I’m suffering along with a lot of other people in Nashville right now. The pollen is on overload!

Now that we’re in allergy season, I start to wonder about allergies and depression. Lots of articles have been written and some studies have linked the two. What may be more interesting is that allergies may cause depression.

Think about it: if you feel sluggish and have all the other symptoms of nasal allergies, it can make you think you have the flu or that you may be spiraling down.  For me, when allergies get this bad, I head to the allergist’s office to see if even a slight change in meds could help, and many times tweaking my meds makes a big difference.

Science is linking both allergies and asthma to depression. But how?

Web MD said this: “Could it be a risk factor for you? Large-scale population studies suggest that allergy sufferers are roughly twice as likely to have depression as people without allergies.

In one such study, adults with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) were twice as likely to have been diagnosed with major depression in the previous 12 months. In another study, kids who had hay fever at age 5 or 6 were twice as likely to experience major depression over the ensuing 17 years.

While asthma doesn’t run in my family, I certainly suffer with it and much has been written about the connection between asthma and depression. As I’ve written in the past, generations of my family have had issues with depression, and allergies for that matter.

So what is the connection? It must be genetic. Any thoughts? Do you know of any new studies that would shed light on this issue?

I’ll be glad when they find out how or why these culprits go together.