breath anxiety depressionLast week, as you know, I talked about the violence on TV and its possible influence on our mental health.

In hearing some of our President’s remarks this past week, I’m just as concerned about the anger that seems to emanate from Washington and for Washington. Congress is divided, as all of us know and talk about every day.

What influence does this anger—in addition to the violence in the media and in entertainment such as movies and television—have on our levels of anxiety?

Anxiety and depression are first cousins as my own experience has taught me. Both are responsible for being the number one causes of disability in this country.

I’d be very interested in hearing from you on this topic. Do you think the anger that fills our newsfeeds, and the violence that fills the media, movies and TV, increases your anxiety? Do you think the speed of communication that we all endure these days is adding to the problem?

When my anxiety becomes an issue, breathing is the best and speediest way I know to become grounded. I invite you to join me in taking a breather, literally and figuratively.

Take a deep breath, right now. Listen to your breath going in and out.

Then, take a technology breather. Swear off the news for a day. Put down your phone for an hour. Try not checking your Facebook feed for a morning. See how you feel afterwards.

Let’s all take a breather. We need it.


Schatzie-Brunner-Profile2I only began to talk about my story after 35 years. I feared my life would be negatively impacted at CNN and other workplaces by confessing my struggles with anxiety and depression.

What I never knew was how much healing could come from talking openly about it.

While I know there is no cure—no real cure—there are ways to live an interesting life utilizing the many tools now available to depressed and anxious people. My story will tell you what chronic, suicidal depression and anxiety feels like on the inside and how I found relief through TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, along with drugs that have allowed me to earn my living for over 40 years.

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