Carrie Fisher and What We Can Learn About Speaking Out

When I heard that Carrie Fisher had died I knew that one of the greatest advocates for mental health had left us.

Carrie talked about her Bipolar Disorder long before any of us had the courage to talk about our journeys openly.

What a brave and ferocious spirit lived in this woman.

It doesn’t mean we can or should depend on celebrities to speak out when each of us has an important voice.  I continually get messages from people on LinkedIn thanking me for talking about my depression.

But the truth is all of us need to bite the bullet and learn that every time we open up and tell our stories, we not only chip away at the stigma that persists but also find there is healing in it for us as well.

Speaking out truly is win-win for everyone.

So speak up!  There are many of us supporting your efforts.