As you may know, I spoke at the NAMI Convention in late June. While I was there I met many interesting people in related fields. One of them was Carla Luna from the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center in Massachusetts.

Call it morbid, but I have long believed that my brain might be useful to research because of the longevity of my treatment on medication and the large amount of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) I have received.

The slogan of the Resource Center is “From Knowledge Will Come a Cure.” And after looking at the brochure they gave me and the application they supplied, I decided to fill it in and send it off.  I can’t help but believe if someone doesn’t suffer as you and I have, a donation to them seems appropriate.

This research center sends tissue to other research centers around the country as well as using it for research themselves and my altruistic self believes it is the right thing to do.

This may be way out of your comfort zone, but if not you might want to check it out at