Are You Striving for Perfection?

Perfection. Why strive for it when it doesn’t exist? In weighing myself this morning, I tried not to criticize myself. But, I still thought how much I long to weigh 35 pounds less than I do now. This constant wish/hope is one that I sometimes support and many times defy as I scarf down a [...]

The Keys to Breaking a Downward Cycle

January is such a bleak month. I find it hard to think we will ever have warm weather and more light! It is so hard to live without light. Those of you who know you benefit from light, take advantage of inexpensive technology and buy a lamp for medicinal use. For me, the hardest thing [...]

Anxiety in Childhood

Me as a child, with my beloved dog. There was a wonderful article in a recent Sunday New York Times Magazine about how more and more children are being crippled by anxiety. It told the story of a well-cared-for boy (they called him Jake) who did especially well in grade school. But, as [...]

Learning the Lesson of Taking Responsibility

Throughout my life and my journey of depression, I have been blessed to learn a lesson so many find elusive. What is it? Taking responsibility for myself. I grew up in a home where taking responsibility was not a priority. In other words, whatever happened was the fault of someone else.  This way of thinking [...]

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