How to Get Help for Depression

If you’re sitting on the fence, deciding whether or not to get help for depression or wondering how to go about finding a good resource, you’re not alone. Many people hesitate to get the emotional support they need. From my experience, I think that the best thing to do when you decide to find help [...]

Moving Towards the Upward Spiral

At the moment I’m reading a book called The Upward Spiral, written by Alex Korb. I haven’t finished it yet so I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly, but I am enjoying it. In plain language Dr. Korb explains the parts of the brain that are responsible for our ability to go on the downward spiral, and [...]

Faith and Mental Illness

I didn’t really find faith until I was at the bottom of the proverbial barrel. As I write in my book, I was led to my beliefs during the darkest times of my life. I have battled clinical depression since my childhood. As a result, over time depression has led me to make many ill-conceived [...]

How anger in the media is making us all more anxious.

Last week, as you know, I talked about the violence on TV and its possible influence on our mental health. In hearing some of our President’s remarks this past week, I’m just as concerned about the anger that seems to emanate from Washington and for Washington. Congress is divided, as all of us know and [...]

The Prevalence of Guns on American TV

I’ve started watching crime dramas on Netflix. The ones that continue to peak my interest are the British ones such as SHETLAND and HINTERLAND, both about detectives and complex crimes they solve. What continues to strike me is that there are almost NO guns anywhere in these episodes. Even the detectives and police who accompany [...]

Hearing loss makes social interaction more difficult

As I wrote in a previous blog post, I recently revisited my injury from 18 months ago. What I didn’t mention at the time was the hearing loss in my right ear, which is significant. And yes, I’m too vain to get a hearing aid even though it looks as if technology has advanced to [...]

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