What Will the Future Hold for Those with Mental Illness?

You can’t turn on the television or radio without news of the progress (or lack of it) in Congress as the healthcare bill is debated and possibly voted on this week. I can’t imagine not getting care or medication for myself if Medicare is diminished.  And for those who have not had treatment and who [...]

We Deserve the Same Healthcare as Congress

With all the commotion on Capitol Hill as the Healthcare Bill is being presented and debated, I can’t help but wonder why the American people don’t have the same healthcare benefits that Congress has. I watched protestors at the Capitol Building who were disabled and most of whom were in wheelchairs. They were being arrested [...]

What do pets and microbes have to do with mood?

There was a fascinating article in last Sunday’s New York Times in which researchers found evidence linking pets and the moods of their owners. We’ve all known that having a pet gives many people a better quality of life and may in some instances, prolong a person’s life. The companionship is undeniable. But what was [...]

Why Every Month is Mental Health Month

Harman Abiwardani via unsplash.com May is gone and we are well into June. And while Mental Health Month is behind us, we can’t let the focus on mental illness fade for even a moment. Walks and symposiums, along with the attention paid to mental illness by local newspapers and national media alike, tell [...]

May is Mental Health Month, But Who Cares?

May is Mental Health Month, but who cares? The easy answer is lots of people. So why has mental illness become this country’s greatest health problem? Why Should We Care about Mental Illness? Most of us know that there are plenty of counselors and medication, and some may have heard of the newest technologies like [...]

A biological approach to matching patients and drugs

Even with all the advances made in drug therapy for depressed people, finding the right medication has, until now, simply been a trial and error approach. I know. I’ve been on countless drugs, some less effective and some with untenable side effects, before finding the right combination that has worked for me for some time.  [...]

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