May is Mental Health Month, But Who Cares?

May is Mental Health Month, but who cares? The easy answer is lots of people. So why has mental illness become this country’s greatest health problem? Why Should We Care about Mental Illness? Most of us know that there are plenty of counselors and medication, and some may have heard of the newest technologies like [...]

A biological approach to matching patients and drugs

Even with all the advances made in drug therapy for depressed people, finding the right medication has, until now, simply been a trial and error approach. I know. I’ve been on countless drugs, some less effective and some with untenable side effects, before finding the right combination that has worked for me for some time.  [...]

Sleep Disorders and the S+

Because I am always looking for new ways to improve my health, my priorities are aligned with nutrition and sleep. I recently heard about a company, RESMED, which manufactures devices to improve sleep disorders and pulmonary illness. These devices, and they range from humidifiers to sleep apnea masks, now include the S+. RESMED has been [...]

The “In Our Own Voice” Program

In a few weeks I’ll be driving to Memphis for a weekend training for the IOOV or In Our Own Voice program, sponsored by NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness. NAMI makes IOOV meetings available to anyone in small as well as large communities throughout the country. People who have battled mental illness of [...]

Mental Illness Is a Bipartisan Issue, Too

Former Vice President Joe Biden addresses SXSW 2017. Photo from the LA Times. Over the past weekend, former Vice President Joe Biden was warmly greeted when he and his wife, Jill, addressed the South by Southwest Conference. However, I was disappointed with their message: Cancer is the last bipartisan issue left in America. [...]

Sleep and Depression

For me, sleep is not just something I pay attention to;  I guard and protect the amount of sleep I get every single day. Medical journals will tell you not enough sleep or too much sleep are signs of depression, and I know for a fact that not getting enough sleep can have devastating effects [...]

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