I didn’t really find faith until I was at the bottom of the proverbial barrel. As I write in my book, I was led to my beliefs during the darkest times of my life.

I have battled clinical depression since my childhood. As a result, over time depression has led me to make many ill-conceived decisions. For much of my life I focused my attention solely on working hard and having fun. The spiritual side of my life lay fallow. Over the years, through medication and many significant depressive episodes, I was locked in a reality in which I had no appreciation for developing the spiritual part of my soul.

My route to my faith came from reading spiritual materials. I started by reading uplifting “you can do it” books. Gradually I discovered writers like Henri Nouwen and Thomas Merton, among many others.

So if the world is looking pretty dark at the moment, pick up a book—any book—with a positive message and see where it takes you.