As I wrote in a previous blog post, I recently revisited my injury from 18 months ago. What I didn’t mention at the time was the hearing loss in my right ear, which is significant.

And yes, I’m too vain to get a hearing aid even though it looks as if technology has advanced to the point of making these aids almost invisible.

But I’m rethinking the topic of getting a hearing aid.

The LANCET reported during the 2017 ALZHEIMER ASSOCIATION conference that a few key factors can reduce the incidence of dementia by more than a third.

They listed exercise (of course), cessation of smoking, more social contact, and addressing hearing loss as major ways to intervene the onset of dementia.

I already knew about getting more exercise, which I’m now doing due to the purchase of a FITBIT. I also knew about not smoking, and that’s not an issue for me.

On the other hand, social contact has always been hard for an “isolater” like me so I guess I need to get out more. And, I should look for a hearing aid that might make the social contact easier to do.

How about you?