I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been reading tons of books. Nothing earthshattering; just fun mysteries.

I’ve given up most of television’s fare. It’s just too violent or inane.

In addition, I am an “isolater”; that’s my term for always preferring to be quiet instead of seeking out friends.

As an “isolater,” it’s occurred to me to ask myself if I’m dodging or avoiding anything by staying constantly involved in the plot of a book. I might be avoiding social media. Maybe I’m avoiding another onslaught of news which can make me anxious. Do you do that?

I’ve long since come to terms with how accomplished I am at deflecting feelings or simply denying what is right in front of me.

But, what would be a healthier response than simply immersing myself in a good read?

As an isolater, I need to be careful not to fill my life by vicariously living in another person’s world through books, television or social media. Exercise is the obvious answer, but if you have another one, let me know.

I believe it’s important when I ask myself these kinds of questions.

What about you?