I know I’ve mentioned the benefits and ease of meditating in previous blog posts. But I wanted to mention a meditation app that I’m currently using and which I have found to be easily accessible: HEADSPACE.

This app can work several ways. Headspace gives you the first ten meditations for free and of course you can continue to use them if you don’t want to enroll in their program. However, I had such a good response to the free meditations, I signed up for the year.

Even though I don’t use it every morning, I do use it often. If nothing else, it reminds me to breathe.

What I find especially appealing about HEADSPACE is that each guided meditation is only ten minutes long, which I find quite doable. If you were to ask me to meditate for longer than ten minutes, I’m sure I would bow out. But so far, this is a great app if you have no experience in meditation or simply want to get back to it again.

Meditation really is easy. Promise.