The Cost to Corporate America of Ignoring Mental Health

stress-anxietyWhen I think about the number of companies that either ignore mental health benefits for their employees or don’t see the need to foster supportive, informed workplace cultures, I wonder how they could possibly ignore the cost of doing nothing.

Every company that offers a product or service must have a sales department. But have their leaders ever wondered if the contracts their sales teams offer aren’t nearly as numerous or as well-negotiated as they could be? How many sales professionals, try as they might, ignore taking care of themselves, thinking they can’t take the time off or failing to see the meaning of therapy in their lives?

I know. Even while medicated and in therapy, there were days early in my career when I couldn’t be as productive nor well-informed about the marketplace for the service I offered. Did I realize at the time that I could be and do more with a different medication?  No, I was too focused on not making a mistake and keeping my “secret.”

Wake up, Corporate America! You’re losing productivity and sales when you ignore this issue.