The Face of DepressionWhy I Wrote My Book, The Face of Depression

Why did I write my book, The Face of Depression?  When people ask me that question, I have several answers.

1/ I hoped to explain what depression feels like from the inside.

2/ I hoped people could see that it doesn’t matter how privileged your life was as you were raised; you can still develop mental illness. It is not just for the poor and down and out.

3/ I think it’s important to realize that the happiest people in the room may be the most desperate.  You can never assume to know how dark or hate-filled someone’s thinking might be.

But the more I think about it, even all of those reasons I just mentioned are true, I think I needed to write this book because I have spent so much time in isolation.

From the time I could remember, I felt different and isolated from others, no matter how happy I appeared.  And those feelings were so deep they were at a cellular level.  I’ve asked myself at times if others have the same self-hatred I harbored, but I never had the confidence to ask anyone.

I have learned and I continue to learn that the more I talk openly about my depression the easier it gets and the less isolated I feel. And that feels great!

I’m happy to announce that The Face of Depression: A Journey from Hell to Healthy, is now available on My hope is that you will read it and pass it on to others whom you feel could benefit from my story.