A Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) to Help You Assess Whether You Need to Talk to Someone

assessment-fbI often talk to people about how much untreated illness might exist in corporate America.  As you know I endorse therapy and encourage anyone who may wonder if they do need help to find help. And there is a huge amount of help throughout the country…professionals who are eager to help others heal.

As a way to support my belief in finding help, I’m including a questionnaire below, called the PHQ-9 that you can take without telling a soul. No risk, if you worry about confidentiality. When you take this quiz you total up the points you assign to each question and then total those points. The PHQ-9 is the same quiz doctors use throughout the country. Click here to read more information about the PHQ-9.

It is my hope that when you assess yourself you will have real data that might indicate whether or not you need to talk to someone.

One way to find a therapist is by asking friends. If you aren’t comfortable talking to a friend, call your primary care physician and either show it to them or ask for suggestions for therapists. And interview more than one!

If you don’t feel a connection and warmth from the therapist, move on! You’re in charge; please don’t forget that!

Here’s the questionnaire (or click here to download a PDF of the questionnaire):

phq-questions_page_1 phq-questions_page_2