Some of you may know that I had to surrender my pug over a year ago after falling while walking her.  We were walking on icy terrain; she went one way and I went the other, causing me to break both arms, my wrist, and incurring a bad concussion as well.

The good news is that my sweet pug has landed with a wonderful woman who ADORES her and takes her everywhere, which I know suits her just fine.

The not so good news is that I miss her like crazy but I surrendered her for her sake, not mine, after I realized how long it would take for my arms to heal.

Dogs have always been important to me.  A recent study done in collaboration with Princeton University has found that dogs have the same needs for social interactions with humans as we do. And now there is genetic proof.

For someone who isolates so easily, having the social interaction with a pet has been central to my being grounded and now there is genetic proof that we share  genetic information that signals this need. See ScienceDaily.

I know my sweet pug is happy. I’ve seen pictures to prove it.) And when the time is right, I’ll soon find another pet to adore.