The Face of Depression

Depression is being written about more and more but there are still so many of us too scared of the consequences to talk openly about the struggles we’ve encountered or what we’ve witnessed in a loved one.

If you’ve never had depression or anxiety there isn’t a realistic way to understand or empathize with someone who has it. It’s not like a broken leg or cancer where people can openly applaud you for your courage. Which is why so many people live in secrecy and their own private hell from day to day fearing that any day they may be “found out.”

And that’s why I wrote this book. It is my story which I only began to talk about after 35 years fearing my life would be negatively impacted at CNN and other workplaces by confessing my struggles with anxiety and depression.

What I never knew was how much healing could come from talking openly about it.

While I know there is no cure, no real cure, there are ways to live an interesting and interested life utilizing the many tools now available to depressed and anxious people. My story will tell you what chronic, suicidal depression and anxiety feels like on the inside and how I found relief through TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, along with drugs that have allowed me to earn my living for over 40 years.

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The Face of Depression


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