The price of ignoring your emotions when you work for yourself

who-key-facts-fbAs someone who has become adept at forgetting my feelings, it has occurred to me that many of us who share my ability to neglect or stuff my emotions are also in the position I’m in as an individual working for myself.

Neglecting my emotions and working for oneself may not sound as if they have any connection but think about it: I’m often in a place where I feel the pressure to keep working and not take care of myself because after all, I don’t have a safety net. I can’t delegate.

But if you think about it a bit more, remember that according to the World Health Organization, mental health conditions are the largest reason people are on disability.

So if we think we’re taking better care of ourselves by simply pushing through the workload no matter how discouraged, worried, or out of sorts we may be, we may actually be producing work that isn’t the best we can turn out.

Or more importantly, we may be sacrificing our health unknowingly by not taking a break often enough.

Take a look at the five warning signs that you or someone you know might be struggling with a mental health condition, which I wrote about last week.

Read the World Health Organization’s Fact Sheet on Depression.