Therapy: An Important Part of Mental Health

Therapy FWhy are so many people afraid of therapy?

After decades of having therapy I wonder why it seems so intimidating to so many. I remember when I first started therapy, I was so miserable that I guess therapy was a flickering ray of hope for me. At other times, when I went to a “Tough Love” psychiatrist, after most sessions I would come home in tears. That experience was painful and it forced me to realize I had wanted to be the victim. I never thought about it consciously but I did come to understand that if I remained the victim in my life, I didn’t have to take responsibility for my actions.

Once I learned that my life depended solely on my choices, good or bad, it actually became a relief and a much less painful way to live.

Many people say they don’t want to rock the boat. I guess they believe that even if they are in a lot of pain, they know what that pain feels like and they don’t know what they might feel like without the pain they know so well. They may wonder, “Would it be worse after I go to therapy?”

I can say with confidence that if you’re in pain, it will be a relief to go through therapy, as long as you choose a therapist with whom you feel a connection. And remember, if you meet with a therapist who doesn’t seem to be a “fit,” try someone else.  You’re the boss and the therapist works for you!