If there is any doubt that the horrific tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas earlier this week was a mental health tragedy, it should be put to rest by this morning’s reporting.

Steven Paddock’s girlfriend has told the authorities that he would lie in bed “moaning, screaming, and crying,” and showing symptoms of mental illness.

Should anyone be surprised that this man who killed or injured over 500 people was very ill?

But what if symptoms of emotional struggle were accepted by all of us as a reason to get immediate medical help, and Steven Paddock had been properly cared for? Would we have had the terrifying events in Las Vegas?

Instead the news is filled with discussions about modifying guns with bump stocks and the NRA’s endorsement of banning bump stocks, an inexpensive device that can turn a semi-automatic gun into a fully-automatic gun.

It seems to me that we continue to avoid discussing mental health and the care of those afflicted by it at any cost. Over 500 people dead or injured doesn’t seem to be enough of an incentive.

When will we find the courage to tell the truth?